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Best Selling Products and Top Selling Items to Sell Online on Ebay, Amazon, Shopify or your own Website.   

What to Sell Online ?

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 Finding the best selling products and top profitable items to sell online on Ebay, Amazon or your own website can be a challenge when starting or expanding your online business.

   Knowing what products to sell will increase your chances of success, and its better to sell the proven products that everyone is buying. Listing popular items is best because you know there is ongoing proven demand from customers repeatedly buying online. Niche products, seasonal items and trending products can often leave you with unsold inventory, or even worse selling at a loss. Make sure buyer demand exists.

  Sucessful sellers buy from wholesale suppliers and sell at retail to make a profit. Know your product, and research your intended customer demographic and geographic.

  The best products to sell are those with lower seller competition. Categories such as Fashion, Jewellry and Electronics should be avioded by new sellers as the existing seller competition is based on very low profit margins. Other products such as those on the list are products from categories that sell very well and frequently, and usually products you have not given a lot of thought in your research. Some products are so obvious you will not believe more sellers are not selling them !

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Your Success Relies you.
Selling online is probably not a business that you can start with no money. Any business will cost money to set up and be successful. Many people give up too easily, give it time, test, experiment, advertise and have patience. If you look in the local mall or online the most successful businesses are selling a variety of products. The exception is the category killer stores that specialise in one retail category.

What you start selling now will be different to what you sell online in a years time. You just have to start the ball rolling and not over think about or over analyise what you are going to sell. You are better to just pick a few popular products and spend your time listing them. Your geographical location and customer demographics will be important to your product selection. For example women between 18 and 35 tend to purchase more online.
Also look at how you are going to package and ship your products. Do your customers really want to wait 4 weeks for a grey package from China, or could you offer faster shipping and have a nicer package, while charging a higher price and making a good profit. If you are planning on drop shipping from China is your customer willing to wait, only to see the price you paid for it on the customs declaration form attached to the parcel.
E commerce is a trillion dollar a year industry and growing fast !